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But of handful hanging.

Posted on Jul 26, 2008 by billsimmon in Digital Culture, funny, spam | 3 Comments

Here is the actual text from a pharmaceutical spam email I just got, separated into stanzas by me.  All spelling, grammar and punctuation is as received.

I johnny? it Is.
Is spit of vignette.
Go yoga do sting. Is as brew.

Go my magnitude.
on to lodging joint airfield.
reviewer do converge.

And nickel or candlelight.
Is bounce?

But of handful hanging.
so irresistible It mitigate.
But enduring.

As an adventure.
He of abrasion cupboard subscription.
bomb by prod. or columnist, source as heuristic.

UPDATE: Looking at the bottom of the email in question, I just realised there’s a lot more where the above came from.  Here is the remainder of the lovely, touching text, unreordered by me…

But pine? I as evocative sometimes. by aboard in consultative. My vigilant. Or be strict. Which to chop event temp. intercontinental in blend. of solar, cline do superstar.
Have lifetime? is Which. in judge a tuxedo. For descent An convenience. To no heavy. As a lights. That of ruthless remotely stalk. treasure the innocent. her sidewalk in costly. so cabaret? He at rebuild precondition. No famed Not outright. Or bottle. Or an axiom. That a edible kosher critic. dissatisfaction by dime. no shape, menopause he mustang.
He manque. With on approximation, duplex. And maniac rectal. As between on bronze inability. Be he negotiate cadre overseen. capable no drummer. marker pottery go chalet. For he sneak screen. Or the on jersey by theft. It of grange. Of to sudden express button. Is by protector early plumbing. proportion or fertility. equine to citizenship vernacular. it prefer. But specialized navigation topical.
in plankton? I in unarmed forego. his committed A peat. As peace. Of an gratifying. in or starch allocation class. exhibition my campground. he setback, morning my adhesive.
so rupee? My do abide collector. My emergent He newborn. A significant. He it spectator. As my rookie floppy moor. standardize or analysis. in considerably, group he pesticide.
Be amongst? her it collective alkaline. Or exciting A unwarranted. Of date. In of controller. The as junior legible legato. moth is frozen. of inorganic, atom it collusion.
Or collateral. Which the perishable, remarkably. The faith march. his leisure go tabloid gothic. On no sidewalk adviser nerve. fulfilment at party. owner things it annotate. It in station simulator.
it they? Is to salaam pancake. I utter At calculus. With compute. Be my archeology. At of favourable ladies trait. undertaking be roach. an organize, lien go diffuse.
on curb? was in spun foolish. Have largely On hyperbolic. It buffet. With on metallurgy. his of keeper honours retarded. liver in catfish. the peak, jerk on vegetarian.



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  1. On July 26, 2008, Katie L. said:

    Jerk on, vegetarian. Jerk on.

  2. On July 26, 2008, MGP said:

    >>The as junior legible legato. moth
    >>is frozen. of inorganic, atom it

    And, thus, the secret of the universe.

  3. On July 26, 2008, casey said:

    Total Burroughs.

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