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ah, that’s better.

Posted on Jul 28, 2008 by billsimmon in TV | 2 Comments

Mad Men season 2 began tonight.  Commence ten weeks of outstanding television.



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  1. FYI- I saw Hamm and the white haired fellah on a TV chat show- apparently they smoke “herbal cigarettes”. So I googled a bit… they exist and although not tobacco- obviously smoking anything have tar/other inhalant related dangers. I would say that they should brand a “MAD MEN” herbal cigarette product. Then we could have MAD MEN smoking parties!?! Or maybe not. Is there anything out data out there about such events for MAD MEN fans? I have waaay too much free time.

  2. On August 11, 2008, Neil C said:

    [spoiler alert!]

    Sorry to be posting so late, but… Does anyone think the new season kinda falls flat so far? The first couple episodes were underwhelming, and that scene where homeboy’s father dies and they’re trying to make arrangements read like a bad high school play.

    I dunno, things just seem kinda unfocused. I get through the episode and am left kinda wondering what happened.

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