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Posted on Jul 31, 2008 by billsimmon in comics | 0 Comments

I read the first 9 issues of Warren Ellis’ Fell last night.  Good stuff.  Each issue is a stand-alone story, so you can pretty much read them in any order, though you do get some nice little through lines if you read sequentially.  Ben Templesmith’s art is perfect for the material.  Here’s part of Cory Doctorow’s review from Boing Boing…

Fell is about a fallen cop who has banished to “Snowtown,” an abandoned DMZ “on the other side of the bridge,” where he is one of three-and-a-half detectives charged with investigating the hundreds of murders that sweep through it like the plague. Detective Fell is like Dante, exploring hell, getting stabbed and having guns thrust in his face, bearing up under heaps of abuse and navigating a police squad where the Lieutenant is a pill-freak who hallucinates and reads Crowley on “magick” as a way of solving the squad’s problems.
The characters are somewhat stock — batty Lt; beautiful, smart, fucked-up barmaid girlfriend; disgusting coroner, criminal scum — but that just leaves more room for Ellis and Templesmith to really explore the outer reaches of the hard-boiled genre, combining comedy with sickening violence in a way that is half Transmetropolitan, half Serpico.

Yup.  I recognize some of the effed up premises from Ellis’ blog.  Like he’ll read about a murder-by-sherry-enema, blog about it, and then a version of it winds up in the pages of Fell.  This is good, twisted, hard-boiled detective stuff.


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