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Yog will smite thee.

Posted on Jul 31, 2008 by billsimmon in blogging, Digital Culture, fail | 1 Comments

Jim MacDonald at Making Light has a good bit up about comment moderation.  (You can read some of my own thoughts on the matter here, here and here.)  MacDonald wrote this post in reference to a Time Magazine piece wherein Time’s editors apparently realized there was such a thing as “comments” on this thing called “the internet.”  The article concludes that comments threads are places belonging exclusively to “loathsome people” or merely people who act in a loathsome way.  No hint is given that there might be a solution to this problem or that comments threads might exist that have dealt effectively with abusive commenters.  MacDonald writes…

The solution is strong moderation. If the Slog had had a moderator (Yog and his minions, for example), the Stranger lady wouldn’t have been driven out.
Here’s what moderators need to know:
a) Sure, there’s freedom of speech. Anyone who wants it can go start their own blog. On Yog’s board, Yog’s whim is law.
b) Yog is an ancient ghod of chaos and evil. And he doesn’t like people very much.
c) Moderation is a subjective art, and the moderator is always right.
d) The moderator may have minions. They need to have a private area where they keep the buckets of Thorazine and the cold-frosty bottles of cow snot.
e) The minions speak with the voice of Yog. Yog backs his minions up.
f) There is always someone awake, and in charge, when Yog isn’t around in person. The minions know who the Duty Yog is.
g) If someone starts off as a spammer, troll, or flamer, he is a spammer, troll, or flamer forever and is liable to instant deletion/banning with no recourse and no appeal.
h) If the moderator ever needs inspiration, he can re-read Jonathan Edwards’ Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God and recall that the posters are sinners and he is Ghod.
i) Rules? In a knife fight? Yog and his minions have standards, but they don’t need to tell the posters, lest some of them attempt to game the system. Attempting to game the system is, all on its own, a deletable offense.
j) ALL CAPS posts are deleted on sight, unread. Mostly ALL CAPS POSTS are ALL CAPS.
k) Anyone who doesn’t space after punctuation marks is insane, and can be deleted/banned on sight.
l) Personal attacks against Yog and his minions are ignored. Personal attacks against anyone else are deletable on sight.



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  1. Thanks for drawing my attention to this. I really appreciate all of your comment moderation posts. You are my comment moderation guru.

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