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On Demand, baby

Sometime next week several of my short films will be available for free on-demand to all Burlington Telecom cable subscribers.  How is this possible?  Recently VCAM has been providing BT with on-demand versions of several locally-produced films and TV shows.  We’ve taken on the task of doing the transcoding of the video and organizing the [...]


It’s made out of people.

You know that Candleblog reader collage I do every year? I got the idea from Warren Ellis, who is presently in the midst of his own annual “world wide week.” He writes… Someone asked me yesterday, “why do you do the thing with the self portraits?” And it’s like this: because people forget that there [...]


Smarty pants links

Here are a few bits and pieces that have made me go “hmm” and rub my chin beard in the last few days… Spine linked to an Atlantic Monthly piece about how Google may be making us stupid, or more accurately, how the ways our brains are made to work when interfacing with the ‘net [...]


Linkblogging a linkblog

O’ the recursive wheels within wheels keep spinning… Here are some tasty tidbits about much-anticipated upcoming SF TV fare from Gerry Canavan, who always seems to be 1/2 step ahead of me with this stuff.  I guess you can all just stop reading Candleblog and go straight to the source from now on… Sci-Fi has [...]


Tuesday linkdump

Here are a few of the wonderous things I’ve stumbled upon in the last few hectic days… Lego Stephen Hawking Rubik’s Cube-solving robot Long Awkward Pose – the greatest blog idea I’ve seen this week Think before you ink. Geeking out with books (this link is mostly for Emily’s benefit) Peanut butter and jelly by [...]


Emphasis on “dark.”

So Batman.  Emily and I saw it last night (her second time, my first).  I’m not going to write an exhaustive review here and I won’t spoil any plot elements for anyone.  I’m just going to say that this is the comic book movie I’ve been waiting for — this is the one that gets [...]


Watchmen trailer

Finally.  I’d been wondering if Rorschach’s face would change in real time or if it would just be different every time we saw him.  It’s one of the tough things about adapting a comic book to film, comics being a medium of still images.  The answer: real time.  For the record, it’s not the choice [...]


Nostalgia: engaged.

Former Candleblogger and Vermont ex pat Spine is in BTV this week.  His 20th high school reunion is this weekend and we’ve already run into a few faces we’ve not seen in many years.  It’s both awkward and awesome to see these folks, many of whom engendered very strong feelings in me back in the [...]



Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow writes… I’m not sure what Chinese string this restaurateur fed to the translation software used to to generate the giant sign hanging over the entrance, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t: TRANSLATE SERVER ERROR. Ah, the special problems of translations into other alphabets. via


WARNING: this awesomeness not for everyone

The first part of Joss Whedon’s web mini series, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog, is up.  It is A: awesome, and B: not for everyone.  It is, after all, a musical starring Doogie Howser.  I know that some people won’t be able to get beyond these apparent negatives, but Doogie Howser (who is actually named Neil [...]