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I’m out.

Emily and I are heading to eastern PA for the next several days. I’ll have my laptop with me but I have no sense of what connectivity will be like where we’re going, so things may get sleepy around Candleblog for a few days. I’ll try and keep the twitter whale happy at least. I [...]


An issue I can get behind

Emily and I were watching MSNBC on the first night of the DNC and we saw this… “Bring back Crystal Pepsi!” Dear S found the screen grab and posted it. That’s art, man. Protest art.


JD in Denver!

Cross-posted at Exit Voices… Here is JD, as captured by the lens of Philip Baruth, last night in Denver [note the tiny Flip video camera in his hands]. Philip writes: But even J.D. Ryan, noted skeptic and embedded blogger, grudged a half-smile. And for J.D. Ryan, that’s equivalent to an entire Broadway musical. An entire [...]


Exit Voices in Denver!

The Vermont election-cycle blog, Exit Voices, has a correspondent at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week! JD Ryan from Five Before Chaos will be filing video blog posts from the convention floor on behalf of EV all week. I’m the Vermont-based support for JD so I’ll be spending some of my blogging time [...]


Nerdvana in LA

Look at this screen grab… Okay, what is it? It’s from a video shot earlier this week at a place called Sardo’s in Burbank, California. Let me just explain to you the awesomeness of what’s going on in that frame. First of all, the singer on the left is Casey McKinnon of the popular SF [...]


Friday video party!

Here’s what San Francisco might look like if Proposition 8 passes… TED is MAXIMUM SOVEREIGN THING What Exist. The Vader Sessions via Diabologue and alexch



This is officially Candleblog’s best traffic day ever, having already crossed the 1000 unique visits threshold with no signs of slowing down.  Steve’s last post at Crooks and Liars linked to the McCain-dissing-the-D&D-crowd post and bam!  After yesterday’s Alternet link and Wednesday’s Carpetbagger link, it put us over the top. In other news, The Guardian [...]


People-aware computing

The video I shot and edited last month for Technology Review Magazine is up on their site now. It’s a Brightcove player and I don’t see any way to embed it easily, so just click here and watch it. The work that Dr. Choudhury is doing fascinates me — it’s like life blogging but instead [...]


Barack is my DM

This awesome drawing was sent to me by Undead Molly.  Click the image for the full-size version…


Don’t make any sudden moves…

… you might frighten away all the Pro-Obama D&D nerds. Candleblog is enjoying a traffic bump today because Steve Benen linked here yesterday to my D&D dorks for Obama post. Today, Alternet ran his post so the link spigot is still spewing forth. We more than quintupled our typical traffic day yesterday and we’re poised [...]