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Posted on Aug 22, 2008 by billsimmon in blogging, politics, the nerd life | 0 Comments

This is officially Candleblog’s best traffic day ever, having already crossed the 1000 unique visits threshold with no signs of slowing down.  Steve’s last post at Crooks and Liars linked to the McCain-dissing-the-D&D-crowd post and bam!  After yesterday’s Alternet link and Wednesday’s Carpetbagger link, it put us over the top.

In other news, The Guardian UK considers the pros and cons of possible VP choices…

Galactus, Eater of Worlds

Pros: Balances out Obama’s troublingly semi-dovish past with tough, muscular “eat the world” policy.

Cons: Will eat the world.

UPDATE: It’s 12 noon and we’re at 1,500 visits. Our previous best day ever was somewhere around 600. I hope some of these folks stick around and read a bit!

UPDATE #2: 5pm, 2,186 visits. I think it’s finally starting to taper off a bit.

UPDATE #3: Final tally for the day – 2,464 unique visits to Candleblog. Our best day ever by nearly an order of magnitude. Thanks Steve and internet!


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