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+2 for hope

[Welcome Crooks and Liars visitors!  Please don't spill Mountain Dew on the sofa and help yourself to the Cheetos.] UPDATE: There is now also a Facebook group and a Hardcore Nerdity group devoted to the Pro-Obama Dungeons & Dragons Crowd. UPDATE #2: I’ve created a Flickr set with all of the related art that has [...]


mmm… beer…

I just followed this Photoshop tutorial and made the glass of beer below.  It’s not as perfect as the example image but I learned a bunch of cool stuff, particularly about making brush patterns. All this beer rendering is making me thirsty…


Happy birthday to me!

The interesting political commentary game of musical chairs just keeps on going.  According Keith Olbermann’s Daily Kos diary (and presumably tonight’s Countdown, which I’ll see later), as of my birthday, September 8th, My (not so) secret (not so) platonic brain crush, Rachel Maddow, will be hosting her own primetime MSNBC political talk show.  Yay!!!  Now [...]


It’s official.

Steve “The Carpetbagger” Benen is leaving The Carpetbagger Report and moving on to become the full-time blogger at Washington Monthly’s Political Animal, replacing Kevin Drum, who is moving on to blog for Mother Jones.  I’ve been partly privy to Steve’s plans for a little while (and secretly afraid of how this move would affect Poli-Sci-Fi [...]


Where do I sign up?

Today on The McCain Report, the official John McCain blog, blogger Michael Goldfarb wrote… It may be typical of the pro-Obama Dungeons & Dragons crowd to disparage a fellow countryman’s memory of war from the comfort of mom’s basement, but most Americans have the humility and gratitude to respect and learn from the memories of [...]


Send in the clones

We noted on today’s episode of Poli Sci-Fi Radio that it was a pretty slow week, sci-fi-wise, despite the fact that it’s the opening weekend of a Star Wars movie. And indeed, when Emily and I walked into the theater for a 9:30 screening tonight at 9:15, there wasn’t a soul in the room. Eventually [...]


Oh yes, I sense your presence…

Back in the 80s my friends and I used to occasionally fight our teen boredom by prank calling the live Robert Tilton religious telecast, Success-N-Life.  Tilton was such an obviously craven mountebank that our disdain for him provided a quick laugh now and then.  He would even speak “in tongues” by basically spouting gibberish when [...]


Oh hi

It’s Friday night, and before I get back to The Wire season five, I thought I’d mention that Dear S turned me onto this social network targeted at dorks: Hardcore Nerdity.  Join.  Make a profile.  Friend me.  I had the day off today and making that profile might actually be the most productive thing I [...]


Midweek linking

I’m pretty busy this week and there’s precious little time for blogging, but here are a few items I’ve stumbled across in recent days… Punch ‘em in the Dick may be my new favorite song. Jessamyn from MeFi sent me a Twitter direct message asking if I knew anyone who wanted to make a video. [...]


Digital Video Summer Camp (and other stuff)

All this week VCAM and RETN are hosting a video-making summer camp for 6th-9th graders.  All day today I’ve been either working with kids or editing video interviews they shot of each other.  The plan is to upload a video blog entry for each day.  These were all shot on the Flip Ultra camera, BTW, [...]