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Akismet saves!

Posted on Sep 23, 2008 by billsimmon in awesome, blogging, Digital Culture, Life of Bill, spam | 0 Comments

Have faith, dear readers.  There is a spam savior and it’s name is Akismet.  Before activating the Akismet plugin on the five WordPress blogs I manage, I was having to look at hundreds of comment moderation emails per day in order to weed out the overwhelming spam and save those rare nuggets of actual reader comments.  The spam comments weren’t getting published to the blogs because I use fairly stringent comment moderation (new commenters must be approved before they are published or commenter registration is required, etc.) but I still had to spend the time, you know, moderating all the comments, most of which were spam.

I’m still not sure how Akismet works (I hear it uses whatever spam recognition algorithm that gmail uses), all I know is that today I am spam free and yesterday I was spending A LOT of time slogging through all those emails.  Hopefully genuine commenters won’t get tagged as spammers by Akismet.  User reviews are very positive in this respect, so I think we’ll be okay.

The last time I was freed from this much crappy spam was when I switched from MS Entouage to Mac Mail.  Seriously, Entourage users, what are you waiting for?

Now what am I going to do with all this free time?


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