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iPod food

Posted on Sep 28, 2008 by billsimmon in awesome, friends, music, vermont | 1 Comments

Here are a couple of mp3s for you to add to your playlists labeled “teh awesome.”

And but so first, Arthur “Blammos” Adams has written and recorded a wonderful tribute to the late, great David Foster Wallace, somewhat ironically called Living With David Foster Wallace. This thing has been stuck in my head since Arthur sent me the demo version several days ago. He was right to make me wait until they’d recorded a real version before posting a link — it’s just lovely. Here it is (6.3 MB mp3). Enjoy.

Next, a Pants fan emailed me tonight asking if there was an mp3 available for the cover of Wounded that Ariel, Dan and Tyler Bolles recorded for the Pants documentary that I’m slowly making. There wasn’t, so he made one. Here you go (14.2 MB mp3).



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  1. wow- what a pretty song!
    Arthur has a killer voice.

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