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Quick! Set up the fake library!

Steve Benen will be on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show again tonight at 9 pm.



In four and a half years of blogging I have never been the recipient of one of these blog meme things — that is, until today.  Gahlord Dewald at Union Street Media tapped me for this.  It’s actually one of the better blog memes I’ve seen.  Usually they’re a series of goofy questions, like “If [...]


What, no mug shot?

I just got back from the Burlington Police Dept. where I was fingerprinted.  I’m teaching an after school filmmaking program this school year for Burlington High School and since it’s my first time getting paid to teach public school students (at least in an official, on-the-payroll capacity), they have to run a background check to [...]


My Cotton Anni-Constitution Day-versary

I made this post yesterday concerning my 2nd wedding anniversary and Talk Like a Pirate Day (aaarrr…) and Constitution Day.  I also apologised for the blog coming and going as my web host dealt with some serious data center problems they were having.  But in the dealing with the data center problems, the post I [...]


Where I’m blogging lately…

I’ve been a busy blogger lately, despite appearances here at Candleblog.  Here are some blogs I’ve been writing or contributing to this week… The VCAM blog has a post about a faux tilt-shift photographic effect using a Flip video camera and Final Cut Pro. The Vermont International Film Festival blog is back up for the [...]


Tab haunting

As usual, the fall is eating up some of my blogging time.  But I’m still seeing all these bloggable things, so I now present you with a list of links that have been languishing in my Firefox tabs for a week or so… Gerry Canavan has provided a list of his DFW posts over the [...]


David Foster Wallace has died

Emily just learned via Stephen Johnson’s Twitter feed that writer David Foster Wallace killed himself yesterday.  This is wretchedly sad news.  Here is the obituary in the LA Times. Wallace was one of my favorite writers and someone with whom I felt a great affinity, even though his intellect and talent for writing so greatly [...]


LHC is online!

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet? How can we tell? Also, check out these live webcams. Look at the center of the collider in the top image. It’s hard to tell the scale of it without considering what a person would look like on one of those gantries. Thanks to everyone in [...]


Stuck in the South End Art Hop

Here is Eva Sollberger’s excellent capsule summary of this year’s Art Hop. If you don’t live in the area and have wondered what all this “Art Hop” stuff is that I go on about every September, watch the video. Eva does a lovely job of capturing the gist, the feel… the gestalt, if you will, [...]


In case you missed it…

Eagle-eyed Candleblog reader Lia has offered up the embedded clip from last night’s Rachel Maddow show featuring Vermont’s own Steve Benen… The comments that I’ve seen on Steve’s blog seem to agree that Steve’s performance was great but they were largely critical of A: the fake bookshelf background, and B: Steve’s make-up. I was in [...]