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Two different approaches to the “NO” on 8 issue

Here are two very different user-generated videos, each arguing convincingly against California’s Proposition 8, which would overturn the California Supreme Court’s decision to allow gay marriage in that state. I do not live in California, so I can’t vote on this question, but perhaps some readers will see these videos and think twice before voting [...]


Late October links

Here’s a brief smattering of election and Halloween related links. Boo! GOTV! People in the Middle for Obama by Errol Morris My Halloween costume? Tim O’Reilly on why an Obama presidency is good news for tech nerds Yes We Carve… pumpkins for Obama Glasses + your mom’s red suit/skirt ? Halloween Costume. Jesus of Nazareth: [...]


Meet the Contra-Contrarian

I have just submitted my first post to The Contrarian — the blog run by The Contrarian Media Group, which in turn is run by musician, writer, music policy wonk and former Vermonter, Casey Rae-Hunter. The Contrarian used to be Casey’s personal blog, but recently he’s been expanding the ranks of authors there and even [...]


Happy Halloween!

by Kasten Searles


Let the Right One In

Cross-posted at the VIFF blog… I’ve just returned from a showing of Let the Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in) and it really got under my skin. The feat of genre-mixing that director Tomas Alfredson has achieved is nothing short of miraculous. First off, this is a Scandinavian coming-of-age film in the tradition [...]


Get out the lurker vote!

Hey fellow bloggers and web masters/mistresses, This November 4th, let’s try not to add to the distractions. Instead of blogging, let’s help all those blog readers and lurkers remember their civic duties and encourage them to go out and vote. Instead of posting that funny anecdote about your experience at your polling place or that [...]


Friday links/videos

Okay, so I am chiming in here despite the film festival going on. I just had to “spread the wealth” of these links… First up, check out the hot dames I was partying with at last night’s VIFF opening party and awards ceremony… Those are the sisters of the House of LeMay, who’s film Slingbacks [...]


OMG film festival!!!!

The Vermont International Film Festival begins today!  As of now I will be blogging at the VIFF blog exclusively for the next three days.  Tune in and catch all the buzz.  Here’s a snip from my last post there, about some of the events happening… – The fun starts Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m. at [...]


Things to do when you’re sick

I’m sick. I’d been fighting something off for a few days and yesterday it caught up with me. I’m typically a retreat-to-bed-and-don’t-move sort of sick person, but this isn’t so bad that I can’t function — in fact, I’m writing this from work right now. The trouble is, when I’m really sick I know just [...]


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