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Things to do when you’re sick

Posted on Oct 20, 2008 by billsimmon in blargh, Life of Bill, TV | 6 Comments

I’m sick. I’d been fighting something off for a few days and yesterday it caught up with me. I’m typically a retreat-to-bed-and-don’t-move sort of sick person, but this isn’t so bad that I can’t function — in fact, I’m writing this from work right now. The trouble is, when I’m really sick I know just what to do: sleep and drink fluids. But when I’m only mostly sick, like now, I can’t sleep all day, but I also can’t go out and do all the things I would do if I was healthy. So I have to come up with activities that are low-impact, but not mind-numbing. That means only so much TiVo.

TiVo is better than channel surfing by far, but it’s still TV and I can only stand that low brain wave thing for so long. Yesterday I caught up on the last two episodes of Pushing Daisies (why aren’t more people talking about this show — it’s excellent). There was a new True Blood and a new Mad Men (still the best show on TV right now, hands down). I also watched the new Clone Wars and the new Life on Mars (the juries are still out on these). I successfully avoided last week’s Heroes, but I suppose I’ll have to watch it eventually. Good lord that show is teh suck.

I also forced Emily to watch the 1979 time travel/Jack the Ripper thriller, Time After Time. I must have seen it a thousand times on HBO when I was a lad. It doesn’t hold up all that well, but I love watching David Warner as Red Jack. He’s so evil!

It turns out blogging is not a very good thing to do when you’re sick. Sitting up at the computer made my head hurt and my nose run.

By the time Emily went to bed, I was SO done looking at video screens, and I have a very high tolerance for screen-watching. Unfortunately, I am a judge for this years James Goldstone Award at the Vermont International Film Festival and I still had two feature films to watch from the nominees. But it was already after midnight, so I downed a little plastic cup-full of NyQuil and picked up Connie Willis’ To Say Nothing of the Dog (re-reading it in anticipation of her upcoming All Clear) and tried to get comfortable. You know how when you’ve laid down all day and no matter how you adjust yourself, you just can’t find a comfortable position? Yeah, that.

Amount of To Say Nothing of the Dog read from NyQuil ingestion to dead-to-the-world sleep: 3 pages.



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  1. On October 20, 2008, Rob said:

    On last weeks Poli sci-fi you talked about guilty pleasure films. I instantly thought of Time After Time. Then I saw it on the preview channel over the weekend and… yes I did. I love the TV news scene where Warner says “Here’s your utopia H.G. I’ve come home”. Or how about “I’ll take a Big Mac, fries and…and tea!”

  2. On October 21, 2008, Selene said:

    I also took and recommend the Pushing Daisies cure. Hope you feel better soon–it’s a lingerer.

  3. On October 21, 2008, MGP said:

    Sorry to hear that you’re sick. Seems to be going around. Had it about a month or so ago.

    Would it make you feel better if I named one of my 14 Macs after you?

  4. On October 21, 2008, evening said:

    I’m just glad you weren’t up to the radio show – the last thing Steve needs is to get sick right now. Since we never go anywhere, chances are if he gets sick it is because of you. Thanks, Bill!

    Oh, and hope you feel better :p

    [I harass because I, really!]

  5. On October 23, 2008, Neil C said:

    My recommendation is all 20 episodes of the Maria Bamford show on It worked like a charm for me last weekend, and I wasn’t even sick.

  6. On October 23, 2008, billsimmon said:

    I love Maria Bamford!

    BTW, I saw yer mom yesterday. Seriously, it’s not a yer mom joke. I saw her. We chatted amiably. It was nice.

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