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Two different approaches to the “NO” on 8 issue

Posted on Oct 30, 2008 by billsimmon in "that's teh hott", people I want to get drunk with, politics, the nerd life, Video | 2 Comments

Here are two very different user-generated videos, each arguing convincingly against California’s Proposition 8, which would overturn the California Supreme Court’s decision to allow gay marriage in that state. I do not live in California, so I can’t vote on this question, but perhaps some readers will see these videos and think twice before voting yes.

These videos are similar in that they both make their appeals to those who would vote “yes” on prop 8. The arguments they use are each quite effective in their own ways.

First, IP lawyer and Big Thinker, Lawrence Lessig, applies reason and cogent analysis to the issue and appeals to viewers’ fundamental American values of freedom and equality…

Next, Galacticast persona, actress and writer, Casey McKinnon, makes an appeal based upon the prospect of her own nerd-girl-on-nerd-girl marriage to tech diva, Veronica Belmont

Vote NO on PROP 8 from Casey McKinnon on Vimeo.

I’m trying to decide which argument is more compelling. Either way, it’s clear that Californians should vote “no” on prop 8.



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  1. I can’t vote either :( Love the term “nerd-girl-on-nerd-girl”! Too funny.

  2. you can’t vote, but you can donate!

    you can also phone bank from home:

    this is serious — it’s neck and neck and they need cash to keep up with the ridiculous money pouring in from out-of-state e.g. the Mormons — we’re talking tens of millions of dollars

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