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When Black Friday Comes…

Emily and I had lunch at the Sadie Katz deli on Bank Street today and it was teh yum. We met up with Kasten and Michael (friends from Philly) and then went over to Sapa’s around the corner. Sapa’s is a new Vietnamese tea/coffee house on Center Street where the Army/Navy store used to be. [...]


It’s (November) Time

Back before Arthur Adams moved out to San Francisco to seek his fame and fortune, he made and played music here in Vermont. One of my favorite tunes he used to sing was called “It’s Time.” Well Arthur has been badgering me to submit a video for the Blammos November project and it just so [...]


Blogger gobbler

It’s possible I’m only writing this post because I thought the similarities between the words “blogger” and “gobbler” were funny. At any rate, Emily and I are hosting Thanksgiving again this year and so prep work for that has begun in earnest — cleaning the house, making trips to City Market, Costco and Shaws, planning [...]


Internet perfection

Gerry Canavan sent me an email yesterday with a link and one sentence that read, “This is the best thread on the entire Internet.” I think he may be on to something. When I clicked the link, the next hour disappeared completely, broken up by frequent moments when I would gasp and flip my MacBook [...]


James Bond: anti-misogynist leftist?

I quite liked the new Bond film. It’s a direct sequel to Casino Royale — so much so that if you haven’t seen the earlier film recently, you might want to bone up on it in order to understand the convoluted plot of QoS, which opens just minutes after the close of Royale. The filmmakers [...]


Weekend links

Tomorrow morning I will attend my first Vermont ACLU meeting as a member of the Board of Directors. That’s right, I’m a card-carrying member of the ACLU and I’m on their board. So far, this has benefited me by being a really good excuse to give the ACLU donation-seekers: “um, I already volunteer my time [...]



via Dear S


Blammos is doing November (again)!

Once again, San Francisco-based indy pop sensation, Blammos, is spending the month of November making music videos. In fact, the band is making and posting a new video every single day this month. They did this same thing last November and from what I’ve seen, this year’s crop of indy YouTube gems is even better [...]


Boldly going…

…where quite a few people have gone before, actually. Emily and I saw Quantum of Solace Saturday night and the much-ballyhooed second Star Trek trailer ran before the film. I couldn’t let the event pass without comment since my childhood was seriously imbued with Trek canon. Before the Next Generation was ever born, I was [...]


Vermont: saving America from itself

Once again, little Vermont is trying to save America from itself. As of now, Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders — the two senators from Vermont — are the only two US senators saying that they will vote to strip the chairmanship of the homeland security and government affairs senate committee from Joe Lieberman. Lieberman not [...]