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When Black Friday Comes…

Posted on Nov 28, 2008 by billsimmon in Emily, friends, Life of Bill, vermont | 1 Comments

Emily and I had lunch at the Sadie Katz deli on Bank Street today and it was teh yum. We met up with Kasten and Michael (friends from Philly) and then went over to Sapa’s around the corner. Sapa’s is a new Vietnamese tea/coffee house on Center Street where the Army/Navy store used to be. It’s quiet, lovely, has wifi, and the coffee is delicious. We will be going there again soon.

Church Street is crowded and annoying. Tonight is the annual tree-lighting ceremony where Santa comes in and sanctifies the conspicuous consumerism of the holidays and indoctrinates our young in the tradition. It’s one of my least favorite days to be in downtown Burlington, but we had a nice time despite the crowds of shoppers with kids. Mushroom barley soup and Vietnamese black coffee had something to do with that — and seeing Kasten and Michael, which is always nice.

We did not quite manage to buy nothing today — Emily went into Scribbles and bought some wrapping paper. We did our part to fix the economy. :)



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  1. Thanks! I like to try new foods, depending on the food. However, I have drawn the line thguoh on new animals. I will not add any new animals to my repertoire. As of now I only eat Salmon or beef, and if I’m feeling really naughty, bacon. LOL

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