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I’m pro-Contrarian!

Posted on Dec 20, 2008 by billsimmon in blogging, friends, people I want to get drunk with, writing | 9 Comments

My peeps at The Contrarian Media empire have got themselves some new digs, courtesy of Contrarian resident tubes-nerd and Kate Bush fan, Tanner McCuin. Tanner fashioned Casey and the boys (we seriously need some gender equity over there) a fancy new blog using WordPress, thus shedding the last vestiges of the old Solid State paradigm along with the Typepad account. Go over there and check out the new place, just try not to track mud all over it.



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  1. They do need some chicks over there. It’s a total sausage fest.

  2. “They do need some chicks over there. It’s a total sausage fest.”

    what is the term used when it’s the opposite? donut fest? clambake? georgia o’ keefe gallery?

  3. Skank Tank
    Cooch Cartel
    Pussy Posse
    Ani DiFranco concert

    Uh… that’s all I can think of.

  4. On December 21, 2008, gagagggga said:

    zzz zzz zzz zzzz…… get out and live

  5. cooch cartel- i dig it.
    hey gaga: “no you get out- irl zomfg!!”

  6. Thanks for the props, Bill.

    Yes, Molly, we need some ladies over at Contrarian HQ. You may recall me putting out the call for more writers not long ago, with the express intent of picking up some women (that just doesn’t read very well.)

    I’ve toyed with asking you, Molly, but: a) I’m terrified of rejection, b) you have your own excellent site, c) you still like zombies, and that’s soooo 2004.

    Kidding about the last part. I’d love it if you brought back the Wednesday Occult Roundup for The Contrarian.

    You know, someone was looking for the feminized version of cock-blocking once. . . the best response I saw was clam-jamming.

  7. MOI? Yeah sure, I’ll do it. Sign me up. Will I get a title like “Chief Cultural Anthropology Adviser” or “Official Token Uterus”?

  8. ” alt=”ARRRHHHHH!!!!” />

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