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Candleblog 2008 roundup part 1

Posted on Dec 23, 2008 by billsimmon in blogging | 0 Comments

Over the next week we’ll be taking a look back at some of the highlights from Candleblog in 2008. Here are a few gems from January to April…

1/8/08: Why “Uncle Mike” scares the hell out of me – We knew Huckabee winning the GOP nomination was a long shot, despite his win in the Iowa Caucuses, but his easy going, reasonable-sounding nature made him dangerous. I suspect we haven’t heard the last from Crazy Uncle Mike.

1/30/08: Stop the presses! – Candleblog officially endorsed Barack Obama for president. I liked re-reading this endorsement. I was so right.

2/26/08: And the rest – Vermont’s presidential primary was on March 4th and because of the crazy Obama/Clinton smackdown things ran long enough that the Vermont primary actually mattered for once, or so we thought. It turns out people had a hard time remembering our 15 delegates existed.

3/13/08: Bank angle! – Returning from SXSW in March, I spent a few stand-by-stranded days in Houston with my father in law, who is a Continental Express pilot instructor. I shot some video of Larry intentionally stalling the sim. Hilarity ensued.

3/18/08: Book, doc or neither? – SXSW got me all fired up to put some crazy techno-Utopian thoughts of mine down on paper, er, pixels. This was my first foray.

4/8/08: Arrrr… – The one in which Emily and Bill are treated like criminals by Lion’s Gate Entertainment thugs at the world premiere of Forbidden Kingdom.

4/14/08: What’s wrong with Battlestar Galactica? – With the last segment of BSG episodes set to begin in a couple of weeks, it’s worth revisiting exactly why this show is so sucky now.

We’ll be back in a few days with part two of the best of Candleblog from 2008. Stay tuned…


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