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Candleblog 2008 roundup part 2

Posted on Dec 29, 2008 by billsimmon in awesome, blogging, linkdump | 0 Comments

We continue our trip down Candleblog lane, looking at May – August, 2008…

5/21/08: Bill on Blogging part 1: Spitballs From the Bushes – In May I was invited to address the Burlington Free Press newsroom and talk about blogging. I turned the presentation into a series of posts based on my notes for the talk. This was the first part.

5/21/08: Bill on Blogging part 2: Talk With, Don’t Talk At – Here’s part 2. I just re-read these and they’re not half bad.

5/26/08: Happy Pants Day – On the anniversary of The Pants’ reunion show in 2006, I released a video of sibling Pants fans Ariel, Dan and Tyler Bolles performing Wounded. Pretty.

6/1/08: Must! Stop! – This summer, Emily and I were plagued by enormous spiders. See the video and feel your flesh crawl.

6/9/08: The Collagening – 2008′s annual Candleblog reader collage was the best evar!

6/22/08: I must be a terrorist. – I was totally on Al Jazeera.

7/10/08: In defense of linkblogs – In July I wrote this cogent piece defending linkblogs from mean old Warren Ellis.

7/20/08: Emphasis on “dark.” – Candleblog moved to it’s new home in mid July and one of the first lengthy pieces I wrote was this fanboy review of The Dark Knight in the context of the maturation of comics 20 years prior.

8/6/08: Third time’s the charm – Candleblog received its third Daysie award for Best Vermont (non-political) Blog in August. Following my awards for Digital Pamphleteer earlier in the year, this made 2008 a very awardy year for me.

8/20/08: +2 for hope – Following some rude comments about liberals and nerds on the John McCain blog, I decided to organize a D&D alliance for Obama. There was much linking to this post. The villagers rejoiced.

8/24/08: Nerdvana in LA – Nerdgasm.


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