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Declare the pennies on your eyes

Emily and I had our 2006 tax returns amended last year to our great benefit and the IRS is just getting around to sending us our refund. Today we got a letter in the mail that says the refund will be coming sometime in the next 6 to 8 weeks… I think. To be honest, [...]


Watch pr0n

O nerdy hard-to-read wristwatch, how I covet thee…


This week, on a very special PSFR…

Steve tells Bill his “big secret,” and Emily finally reveals her secret alien love child. Also, special guest star Gerry Canavan will be with us talking politics and SF. Listen live at 4:00 P.M. or get the podcast of the show tomorrow.


…So bright and bug-quickly

Tonight’s full moon will be bigger and brighter than any full moon since 1993. It’s fairly rare when the perigee point of the moon’s orbit coincides with the full moon. The result is a big, bright, werewolf-inducing sight. And no, there’s no reason to suspect that the extra bright full moon will result in more [...]


Things that are annoying me today

ANNOYING: According to, FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate made the following comments in a speech she gave on December 5th to the Practicing Law Institute on telecom policy and regulation… With the explosion of educational resources available online, one might think parents would be 100% pleased with the internet’s role in their children’s lives. [...]


Living sketches

Artist and Candleblog pal Kasten Searles has put this fun little Japanese hairstyle-testing gizmo to awesome and creepy effect using her own sketches. Check these out…


Science Wednesday

Astronomers have confirmed (again) that there really is indeed a super-massive black hole lurking at the center of our galaxy. Synchronize your cesium clocks! The world’s official time keepers will be adding an extra “leap second” to the atomic clocks that keep “official” time at 23:59:59 UTC on December 31st. Yes, that means you get [...]



Lots of folks have been making some great recommendations to the Obama transition team via their transition website, Lawrence Lessig and a cabal of Internet Big Thinkers suggested some Principals for an Open Transition, has Five Suggestions for Change, and loads of people have been leaving comments and applying for jobs and in [...]


email linkdump

The following links were all sent to me via email. Thanks Eve and AlexC! Teach the controversy and naughty scientists t-shirts for Xmas! I, for one, welcome our new eight-tentacled overlord. A look back at the first Day the Earth Stood Still Shadow of the Colossus cheese toast Aperture Science bento inc. Companion Cube and [...]


Jones’ Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage

Thanks AlexC