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I’m in ur Browser, boring ur coworkers.

Check out this interview with yours truly on the new local radio show, The Browser. We talk all about “social media” and a bit about VCAM and futurism and democracy and a bunch of other crap. Listen to me bloviate at length at your own risk. Thanks to Jonathan for having me on.


Thursday linkdump

It’s not really fair to call it a “Thursday” linkdump if all I’m doing this week is linkdumps, is it? Oh well. Linky, Blinky and Nod… Watch this Bill Moyers piece on the importance of Low Power FM radio (LPFM – like The Radiator!) and then act now to help save it! Crayons as pixels. [...]



It looks like linkdumps are all I have time for this week. Here are a few things that have graced my browser in the last day or two… It turns out that Kenneth the page Bobby Jindal and other Republicans are lying about the supposed $8 billion high speed train from “Disneyland to Las Vegas.” [...]


More awesomeness than you can shake your stick at

Clearing out some tabs for a fresh start to my week! Awesome! Wil Wheaton has seen Watchmen and he says, “Hear me now, my fellow geeks: you have nothing to worry about. Watchmen is fucking awesome.” I was showing off some video blogs in last week’s videoblogging workshop at VCAM and chose this awesome episode [...]


WTF is this?

Click here and tell me what’s odd.


Heresy: Debunking New Media Utopianism

Okay, I admit that the title of this post, while technically relevant to the material I’m about to present, is probably a bit more dramatic than necessary, but I’m hoping to draw some clicks from my Twitter followers and I needed the auto-tweet to sound compelling — and nothing compels the tweeps like some new-media-hating. [...]


The Meatpocalypse

The NYTimes’ Mark Bittman at TED, December 2007…


The Trilogy Meter

I love this. I disagree with Star Trek, Terminator and Alien, but I acknowledge that this represents conventional wisdom on those franchises. Overall, this is simple and ingenious. via Dear S, via lots of places. Here is the creator’s tumbler blog.


Facebook haters: chill out. [UPDATED]

The internets are exploding today over news that Facebook has changed it’s Terms of Service to reflect their claim to worldwide, non-exclusive rights to any photos or videos that users upload, even after the users have deleted their FB accounts. IANAL, but this means almost nothing and everyone needs to chill out. First of all, [...]


Friday the 13th links

Here are your unlucky links for the weekend. I hope Dollhouse doesn’t suck, and I hope any potential Dollhouse suckitude doesn’t bring down the Sarah Connor Chronicles, which returns tonight. Here’s a post mortem on last night’s tweet up at the VT Pub & Brewery. Former CNN science/tech reporter Miles O’Brien blogs about Continental 3407. [...]