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Thursday linkdump

Linkity dinkity do… Yep, that’s my senator! Bale Out – the best of Christian Bale remixes I’ve seen so far What the hell is wrong with Joaquin Phoenix? Beware the green comet! A burglar alarm that twitters about intruders. This is why you’re fat. I’ve apparently been missing out. Those polygons are filthy and corrupting [...]



I just got an email from VPIRG encouraging people to recycle their TVs after they become “obsolete” following the DTV transition on June 12th. Recycling TVs is a great idea. The only problem is that no TVs will become obsolete then — they will all still work just fine. VPIRG is using a situation they [...]


Tab-clearing linkdump!

My Gods I have a lot of tabs open. Okay, here’s what I’m looking at… Danah Boyd does the math on the much-touted 90,000 MySpace sex offenders and shows that MySpace is actually far safer for kids than real life, as far as sex predators go. The whole idea of New Media Office Hours is [...]


Amazing new tech news!!!

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard


Is facebook jumping the shark? [UPDATED]

It’s possible that the recent (annoying) facebook meme where you’re supposed to write 25 random things about yourself, and then “tag” (like with a chain letter) a bunch of your friends to do it too, may be facebook’s shark-jumping moment. Evidence for this can be found today at in this addle-brained, but possibly prescient [...]


Yeah, sure you are…

via Warren Ellis: These keen kids are rocking their love for Jesus all over town! Make sure you read some of the comments — priceless. If someone buys this shirt for me (XXL) I’ll totally wear it all the time (but I’ll have to cross my fingers when I do).


Time Guitars

Lately I’ve engaged in a new project. I’m finding out as much information as I can about Vermont-made Time Guitars in the hope of maybe making a short documentary about the company, it’s history and influence, and the lingering mystique of these beautiful instruments. I own a Time GS9 and I love it. It’s the [...]


Thoughts on documentary filmmaking

I start teaching my intro to filmmaking course at CCV tomorrow evening (a week late due to a snowstorm last week) and tonight I’m getting some materials together for it, so I’m thinking about the filmmaking process a bit. As I was organizing my papers and thoughts, @VERMONTCAM sent out a tweet linking to this [...]


a thousand words

A Thousand Words from Ted Chung on Vimeo.


Stein backs out

So apparently funny game show host, part time actor, bad economist and really laughably lame Intelligent Design apologist Ben Stein was recently scheduled to give the commencement address at UVM this spring. This would be an occasion for me to rise up in furious scientific indignation and demand that Stein be disinvited, except a certain [...]