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Hire Emily, Ravelry!

Emily is applying for a job as the “Email Fairy” at We cut this little video together to help sell her to the powers that be there. Check out Emily’s Etsy shop for more knitted awesomeness. Emily’s Ravelry Video from Bill Simmon on Vimeo.


Oh yeah, I have a blog.

I’ve been so busy lately I literally forgot to blog. Fortunately, I keep the interesting stuff in open Firefox tabs. To wit… Check out these awesome retro magazine ads for LOST heads (I need to get Emily to translate for me). The subtitles on the DVD release of the last year’s awesome Scandinavian horror film, [...]


a quick nerdy post for the weekend

First of all, Alan Tudyk, (Wash from Firefly/Serenity) just bought one of Emily’s dissected frogs. I know that Mr. Tudyk is a real live person and not a fictional character, and yet I still like to imagine Wash playing with the frog along with the dinosaurs on the Serenity’s dashboard. Yay! Secondly, I had intended [...]


I Am New (and utterly amazing)

I know I’m coming a little late to this party but OMG this is the perfect crystallization of the potential of the remix culture. An Israeli remixer going by the moniker Kutiman has taken clips from a bunch of YouTube videos and combined them to make amazing musical mashups. It’s not just a technological and [...]


Patrick Duffy & The Crab

via Dear S


This is why we can’t have nice things!

io9 reports… Kings‘ Sunday bow had what the Hollywood Reporter calls “a devastating premiere,” coming in as the lowest rated network show not just in its own timeslot, but for the entire night between 8 and 11pm; only six million viewers watched Ian McShane’s debut turn as America’s King Silas, all but guaranteeing that it’ll [...]


Kings and Commanders

It’s a momentous week for SF TV. “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” ends its first season this week. Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse” is poised to start getting interesting next episode (or so says its creators and cast). And perhaps most notably, “Battlestar Galactica,” the bloated and over-rated outer space melodrama, is finaly coming to an end [...]


You Can’t Film and Bowl

Tweet-n-Bowl – Spare Time in Colchester, Vermont – March 12, 2009…


Thursday linkdump

You linky the sauce? Watch this awesome Röyksopp video. Space Invaders! Is the Watchmen screenwriter actually comparing the experience watching the film to the experience of being raped??? And to him this is a good thing??? Danah Boyd continues to be really smart about social media. Bad news for relativists: objective reality appears to exist. [...]


The Craftiest of Hedgehogs

Emily is experiencing a little spate of interest in her crafty designs just now and I thought it was worth writing up a post that collects all of these recent cool things in one place. She still lacks a full-time job, but maybe if she can ride this small wave of interest into some sort [...]