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The Craftiest of Hedgehogs

Posted on Mar 12, 2009 by billsimmon in awesome, Emily | 1 Comments

Emily is experiencing a little spate of interest in her crafty designs just now and I thought it was worth writing up a post that collects all of these recent cool things in one place. She still lacks a full-time job, but maybe if she can ride this small wave of interest into some sort of tsunami, the crafting can just become her full-time job!

Last year, Emily had her Biology 101 dissected frogs and rats blogged about on BoingBoing, Pharyglula, Neatorama and the Craft: Blog, among other places. She was also the runner-up for last year’s Seven Days Daysie Award for Best Vermont Crafter.

2009 is shaping up to be an even cooler year for The Crafty Hedgehog. Here are a few things she’s learned about in the last few weeks.

  • One of her frogs will be featured in the inaugural issue of the new Wired UK Magazine (out this spring).
  • Another frog will grace the set of the new Noah Baumbach film, Greenberg. Apparently, they want the frog to be set-dressing in the home of the main character, played by Ben Stiller. This was particularly exciting for me because I’m a huge Baumbach fan and have been since his first feature. This project is still in pre-production so anything could happen (including the frog not making it onto the screen), but Emily signed and sent them a release form, so it’s at least that official.
  • The new issue of Knitty features one of Emily’s tiny knitted paintings in the Quick Picks section (scroll down to find Quick Picks).
  • Burlington’s own Queen City Craft blog just interviewed Emily at length.
  • And finally, Emily’s new seasonal dissection is a hoot. Apparently the Easter Bunny was killed in a tragic accident at a Peep factory and he donated his body to science. Finally, an answer to mystery of the origins of Easter eggs!

What next? Will a knitted dissection make it into the White House??? Stay tuned.



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  1. On March 16, 2009, selene said:

    Congratulations Emily! She’s the coolest…

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