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Can social media change our behavior?

So I’m listening to a new CD right now by a band I absolutely love and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. The thing is, it’s not “out” yet, meaning the band has not officially released the disk to the public. You can pre-order it (which I’ve actually done, BTW), but I still technically [...]


Defending and Defaming Watchmen

The internet is abuzz this week, reacting to the long-awaited, much anticipated release of the Watchmen movie. Emily and I went to go see it on Friday with our pod of nerds and this blog post has been percolating around in my head since then. This post isn’t so much a review of Watchmen as [...]


Thursday linkdump

Flippity floo, a (nother) linkdump for you… This just in: digital video democratizes documentaries! Next they’ll tell me I can distribute these “digital videos” online! An appeals court has refused to force anonymous critics who made unflattering remarks about a doughnut shop in an online forum to reveal themselves. Steve Benen (who just finished Watchmen [...]


My TV smile


(Totally unrelated to) Town Meeting Day links

Wired looks at the secret lives of comic book store employees (This was me in the 1990s). Here’s a disdainful view of writing for the Internet (as opposed to other media). I suppose I’d take this essay more seriously if it wasn’t presented in unreadable white text on a black background. As the Mythbusters say, [...]


Town Meeting Day & social media

Town Meeting Day is upon us again in Vermont. For the first election cycle in several years, VCAM and CCTV won’t be doing the Exit Voices thing. It became clear over the last few cycles that the social media void we were trying to fill with the blog/aggregator was being adequately filled in other places [...]