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Getting perspective: some H1N1 links

First, read this excellent Q&A with health journalist and BoingBoing guest blogger, Maggie Koerth-Baker. All the important questions are covered. Seriously, read it. It will make you feel better. Now for everyone who read John Barry’s excellent but scary book on the 1918 flu, check out this Vancouver Sun piece that tries to look at [...]


3-Point Lighting Explained!

Last week I demonstrated basic 3-point lighting for film and video for my CCV Intro to Filmmaking class. We videotaped the demo to use as a VCAM resource and this was the result. It’s 12 minutes, so you should probably only watch it if you’re curious about lighting for film and video. 3-Point Lighting Explained! [...]


Hand Sanitizers Will Be the Death of Us All

In the last few days I’ve heard a number of folks (on the radio, in person, on TV and online — including on this blog) say that they are going to begin using (or up their usage of) antiseptic hand sanitizers in response to the threat of the potential swine flu pandemic. So this is [...]


Meatpocalypse redux: Porklips Now

This swine flu outbreak that people are calling a potential pandemic and that has killed dozens already and is present in at least North America and Europe may apparently be linked to… (thunder and lightning, please) the meat industry. The disease-tracking blog, Biosurveillance (via, via Gerry Canavan) reports that the disease’s vector is likely [...]


Off with its head!

My favorite new TV show this year is really getting beaten up by NBC. Originally intended to be the replacement for the departing ER on Thursday nights, the network moved Kings’ time slot to Sundays between Dateline and Celebrity Apprentice even before the pilot aired. A few weeks later, worried that the low (in the [...]


Video linkdump

Recalling all active agents… Cut-Ups from Matti Niinimäki on Vimeo. Modern life is broken… Dude, if a pre-verbal baby can do this as convincingly as you, it’s time to find another vocation… Your business card is CRAP! “Palindrome” really ought to be a palindrome. Palendromemordnilap? Several people emailed this to me, which MeFi describes as [...]


Radio killed the video star.

Last week I was on The Mark Johnson Show on WDEV. Mark was broadcasting live from the Leahy ECHO Center for Lake Champlain, talking about ECHO’s Voices for the Lake project and social media. I was there to talk about blogging and Twitter and new media in general. I was on right after Senator Bernie [...]


Dan “Human Sled” Zucker update

Dan is getting his 15 minutes as a result of his near-death body surf down the face of Mount Washington. In an email last night he writes… it’s a great illustration of life on the intertoobs.  by tuesday i made the top story on boston globe online, as well as “most emailed” on  i [...]


Welcome to Reality, Dan Zucker.

Today’s Burlington Free Press… Zucker, a high school physics teacher at St. Johnsbury Academy, guesses he had a tenth of a second to react. He threw his arms over his head and slammed his axes into the snow. The axes went all the way through the snow to the ice beneath, and Zucker thought he’d [...]


Vermont needs a film tax incentive!

Check out this video produced by my friends Nate and Dan. It features director Bobby Farrelly (Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary) and actor William H. Macy (Fargo, The Cooler) both of whom have strong ties to Vermont… VT Film Incentive from Vermont Film and Media Coalition on Vimeo. Dan says the battle to [...]