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Dan “Human Sled” Zucker update

Posted on Apr 20, 2009 by billsimmon in friends | 3 Comments

Dan is getting his 15 minutes as a result of his near-death body surf down the face of Mount Washington. In an email last night he writes…

it’s a great illustration of life on the intertoobs.  by tuesday i made the top story on boston globe online, as well as “most emailed” on  i had interviews with (live, via phone),, WCAX and 6 local (NH/MA) news stations.  The Caledonian Record and the Freeps ran stories.  good morning america invited me for a studio interview, but got bumped by the freed captain.  fox news ‘fox & friends’ did too but i declined based on political differences.

Good for Dan for not giving Fox News the time of day. Here’s a pretty impressive image…



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  1. So, you’re saying that Fox tried to do an atypical story, and you turned them down? Thus leaving more time for Hannity?

  2. On April 22, 2009, JIMO said:

    Whoa, I bet that took a few minutes for the heart to calm down to a semi-normal rhythm.

    Good to know Dan’s OK, and no Somali pirates were injured in the rescue ;) . Spring 2009, brought to you by intrepid, newsworthy Vermonters.

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