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The Only Living Boy in New Jersey

[Our 5-year anniversary look back at Candleblog continues with another film review -- this time it's Garden State. This post was originally published on 8/21/04.] Remember the good old days of American independent film, when Quentin Tarantino and Jim Jarmusch reigned supreme? Wry post-modernism was the dominant paradigm. The characters that populated indy films in [...]


Teenage Wasteland

[Here's another blast from Candleblog's past. This is a review I wrote of the film 13 Going On 30, originally published May 30, 2004] Okay okay, I admit it. I’m a sucker for dumb romantic comedies. It’s a sickness and I’m trying to work through it. When I say “dumb” romantic comedies, I’m not referring [...]


Five years of blogtastic blogacity!

Exactly five years ago, The first Candleblog post ever was published. Over the next day or two I’ll be republishing some of my favorite posts from the last five years. Here’s a goody from 4/16/04 — when the blog was one day old… Ellen Kwon In early September 1983 I was new at South Burlington [...]


Clearing some tabs for my week.

Here are some tabs that are still open that I need to close to make room for this week’s tabs! Amanda Marcotte writes about the sexism of anti-HPV vaccine hysteria. Going time-traveling? Make sure you paste this poster up in your time machine! Muppets vs. Zombies Here’s a so-so review of Caprica. Not sure how [...]


Friday video party

Courtesy of Dear S Animagifaqatsi Animagifaqatsi from wreckandsalvage on Vimeo. Rachel Maddow on “teabagging” Ze Frank as a small child? If Atheists ruled the world…


I am open-minded!

…I just don’t believe in God or ghosts or therapeutic touch. See below (Thanks, Alex!)


OMG Comcast sucks ass reprise

Just a quick update on last nights’s frustrated Comcast post: today representatives from Comcast customer service who read my blog post (aren’t Google alerts useful?) called and left not one but two voicemail messages on my landline offering to “help resolve the issue” and (here’s the creepy part) one on my cell phone. How the [...]


The Nation interviews all the right people.

Check out the piece The Nation did about yesterday’s historic events. I know Vermont is small, but for those of you who aren’t from here, I’ll point out that just about every single person quoted in the article is an acquaintance or colleague of mine. It’s not just that I know who they are, these [...]


Nerdgasm explosion!

Austin Trekkies gathered at the famous Alamo Drafthouse cinema on South Lamar Street (Best. Chocolate malts. Evar.) on Monday to view a special screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The show was being hosted by Harry Knowles from Ain’t it Cool News and attendees would get to ask questions of the screenwriters [...]


OMG Comcast sucks ass!

We’re doing our taxes and because of my particular line of self-employment (and Emily’s too) we write off our telecom bill. So I want to see exactly how much we paid Comcast in 2008 for cable and internet. Sounds simple, right? I could go digging through old bills and credit card receipts, or I could, [...]