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Still here links

Blogging is the first thing to go when things get busy. Here are a few links that have been haunting my Firefox tabs lately, just itching to get blogged about… Repurpose is a nifty little short doc about a hackers’ collective in Montreal. We talked about this on Sunday’s PSFR, but you should take a [...]


ACM-NE report: day one

So I’m at the Alliance for Community Media Northeast Regional conference at Champlain College today hanging with my PEG access peers from around the region. We’re actively trying to encourage community media folks, most of whom have been active in user-generated content for many years (since way before YouTube), to embrace social media as a [...]


More Real Than Real: Star Trek and the Pursuit of Verisimilitude

“Verisimilitude” is one of the ten-dollar words I learned in film school. It means the quality or state of having the appearance of realism. Narrative filmmaking is all about achieving verisimilitude (so is documentary filmmaking, but that’s another discussion). The whole point is to artificially create dramatic situations that seem “real” enough that a willing [...]


Good News/Bad News

Late last week the word hit the TV trades that Fox was going to renew Joss Whedon’s creepily premised show, Dollhouse, for at least another 13-episode run. That’s good news considering it’s slagging Nielsen ratings (which were bad for a broadcast network but would have been amazingly good on a cable channel). Speculation about Fox’s [...]


Staycation 2: Electric Bugaloo

Here are the subjects of the blog posts I’ve been meaning to write on my staycation but haven’t found the time for… 1. The end of newspapers does not mean the end of professional journalism. Examples of previous technological paradigm shifts support my claim. 2. Using the new Star Trek film as an example, I [...]



I’m off work this week and I have a couple of good blog posts burning holes in my brain, but I have family in town for a another day so they’ll have to wait another 24 hours or so. Stay tuned. I’ll be posting a Poli-Sci-Fi Radio today though, if you’re curious about a Star [...]



Star Trek opens TODAY. Pinch me. I am waiting until Saturday to see it so I can take my mom for her birthday so nobody spoil anything for me! Word on the street is that this is far and away the best Trek movie yet (not too high a bar to reach in this Star [...]


Meatpocalypse: I’m lovin’ it.

Lopez Foods in Oklahoma supplies McDonald’s with Quarter Pounder and sausage patties. The McDonald’s corporation is so proud of the Lopez operation that they feature a short documentary about the meat processing plant on the company’s website (hat tip to my coworker Seth for the link). I find this film utterly disgusting. That the corporate [...]


On the Metaphysics of Teleportation

This week’s episode of Poli-Sci-Fi Radio featured a discussion inspired by last Friday’s episode of Dollhouse, in which a woman who was murdered is brought “back to life” in the body of Eliza Dushku because she’d had the foresight to scan all of her thoughts and memories before she was killed and then after her [...]