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Star Wars craftiness and other open tabs.

By: Emily How to make your own Star Wars rings. Who wouldn’t want their face to be lovingly cushioned by this plush Sarlacc pitlow? When you lay your head down, you’ll certainly also want to be cuddling your felted Jabba the Hutt doll. Apparently, the latest project from the team who created Ico and Shadow [...]


Sci-Fi July in Montpelier!

Once again the Savoy Theater in Montpelier is running a series of classic sci-fi gems on the big screen on the weekends. This is a chance to see these classics in 35mm (I assume they’re not running DVDs). It’s a decent line-up this year: Close Encounters, Slaughterhouse Five, Aliens, Brazil, Dr. Strangelove, among others. Check [...]


Have live TV studio, will travel.

VCAM is at the Vermont ACLU conference (Thought and Expression in a Changing World) today at the Windjammer in South Burlington, covering it with our cameras. My co-worker Seth decided on a whim to try and stream it online. We did no real planning for this, he just brought along a laptop and we figured [...]


Weekend links

I’m clearing some open Firefox tabs for the weekend. Enjoy… My friend AlexW keeps trying to get me to read Scott Pilgrim and this review is another nudge. Sounds like my kind of book. Email explained (it’s in French, but the demo is pretty impressive). (totally what it sounds like). As Gerry put it, [...]


Turning in my nerd card

For the first time in my life, I am canceling something nerdy in favor of a sporting event. There will be no Poli-Sci-Fi Radio this Sunday because Emily and I will be watching the US national soccer team take on Brazil in the Confederations Cup Tournament final that afternoon. The game actually ends before PSFR [...]


Electricity Vs. Cat

Via RCS, the bestest photoblog in the world… Click to enlarge.


The Surveillance Society Made Manifest

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, population 55,000, is about to become the most surveilled city in the U.S. According to the LATimes, Lancaster is about to embark on a project installing 165 closed-circuit TV cameras in all of the city’s public spaces. That’s probably the highest number of CCTV cameras per capita in the U.S. and according to [...]


Speaking Klingon to Power

John Hodgman is my copilot… See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.


Friday links and stuff…

Three of my co-workers are in NYC this weekend for the Open Video Conference and I’m a jealous community media center staffer (I’ll have to brag about what an awesome time I have next month in Portland, OR for the National Alliance for Community Media conference to make them jealous). Fortunately, the OVC is being [...]


Twitter is made of PEOPLE!

74 Vermont Twitter users sent in 73 photos featuring 91 Vermonters (or former Vermonters) for this mosaic snapshot of the Vermont Twitterverse, circa June 2009. How many can you name? We’ll eventually publish a list of what Twitter IDs correspond to what photo, but in the meantime, see how many of these folks you recognize. [...]