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Turning in my nerd card

Posted on Jun 26, 2009 by billsimmon in Life of Bill, poli sci-fi radio, sports?, the nerd life | 4 Comments

For the first time in my life, I am canceling something nerdy in favor of a sporting event. There will be no Poli-Sci-Fi Radio this Sunday because Emily and I will be watching the US national soccer team take on Brazil in the Confederations Cup Tournament final that afternoon. The game actually ends before PSFR starts, but we really need that hour of set-up time, so we’re canceling — plus, we intend to be unconscious from shock at the US’s victory.

It’s astounding that the US is even in the match, having defeated the number one team in the world (Spain) yesterday 2-nil. And even getting to play Spain in the semi-finals was totally unlikely, having been all but shut out of the tournament before miraculously defeating Egypt 3-zip in a game that they had to win by three points in order to continue.

And it’s not like I’m a nationalist who’s been rooting for the US team all along. My allegiances in soccer blow with the wind. Emily and I usually root for whoever the underdog is — it’s just that this time, the underdog happens to totally be my national team!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to dye my hair rainbow colors or become like that Francis McDormand character in Lone Star, and I’m still going to blog about dorky stuff. I just couldn’t let this historic moment (not the game, but the fact that I care about the game) pass without comment.

As you were.

UPDATE: Alert emailers have now informed me that this game of foots-ball will also prevent me from attending the annual political blogger bar-b-que and hamburger summit in Montpelier on Sunday. Two political/nerdy things disrupted in my life by sports, of all things. I’d like to personally apologize to John Hodgman, who certainly expected better from me.



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  1. On June 26, 2009, G C said:

    USA! USA!

  2. On June 26, 2009, evening said:

    I’m really starting to worry about you.

    And this also means you’re missing the blogger BBQ.

    tsk tsk tsk

  3. On June 26, 2009, Fishboots said:

    I would normally encourage this type of behavior. But… soccer? 2-nil? You’re sounding very European and that’s unacceptable. After all, what’s more American than politics and science fiction? Bah!


  4. On June 26, 2009, Rob said:


    My ex-wife and I used to watch American football. It almost always would lead to having sex on the couch. As we got older, and the sex became less frequent, I realized that football sucks. Good luck.

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