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Han Solo, P.I.

By: Emily Via Super Punch


National Museum of Health and Medicine

By: Emily I am currently of two minds about writing this post. It is only my second post here, and I warn you now, I’m going to be tooting my own horn a bit. I’m still finding my footing in terms of how I want to contribute here, and I assure you that self-congratulatory posts [...]


Everything’s Coming Up Daysies

Seven Days has released it’s annual readers’ choice awards ballot, asking Vermonters to vote on everything from their favorite restaurant to their favorite newscaster. Candleblog has been honored to receive the Best Vermont Blog (non political) “Daysie” for a few of the last several years. After winning the award last year, I predicted that my [...]


Monday tab-clearing

Here’s my weekly purge of links that have been languishing in Firefox tabs for the last several days… The headline reads “Boy Hit by Meteroite” but some of the “facts” are a bit sketchy. A look at how the now canceled best SF show on TV would have continued. The SF film I’m most excited [...]


Norman, coordinate!

There’s a comment thread over at Gerry’s blog that includes a reader named Kate who is experiencing classic Star Trek episodes for the first time (presumably inspired by the recent reboot). She’s making her way through the “good” episodes of the series and it’s got me thinking about how much those hours of TV have [...]


Inaugural post!

By: Emily Hello, Candleblog readers! I don’t know that I really need or want to bother with a big ol’ introduction, so I’ll be brief. I’m Emily, I’m Bill’s wife, I’m a nerd (redundant, I know…). I’m not entirely sure what form my contributions here will take. I’m interested in the intersection between nerdiness and [...]


Welcome to Candleblog, Emily Q. Stoneking!

Those of you who have been around the Candleblog block a few times will remember that it used to be a group blog with as many as 5 different authors. Most of those folks rarely ever contributed anything (kind of like I so rarely contribute at The Contrarian) and eventually I cut things back so [...]


Vermont twitterverse snapshot!

Over the past several Junes I’ve made a habit out of of soliciting photographs of Candleblog readers and constructing collages of them for the blog. I even turned it into a contest for the last couple of years to help generate interest. This year, I want to try something a little different. Let’s take a [...]


Wacky local TV memories

Here are a couple of examples of some of my early editing work. Back in the mid 90s I was transitioning from public access TV producer and film student to the community media center staff person and filmmaker I am today. The world of media making was transitioning too, from analog videotape to digital video. [...]


For your technology!

Dr. Steve Brule makes a “viral video!” div#main{overflow:visible;}