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Friday links

Clearing those Firefox tabs for the weekend… The song is called “Are You Fucking Kidding Me?” and it’s about Facebook. Movie studios are now considering the effects of Twitter in movie-marketing, of course. The loony “birther” movement isn’t so much a Republican thing as it is a southern thing. An injured bat clung to the [...]


Mad Men’d!

This is all the rage in Twitter icons right now, but I like my Kasten illustration so I’m keeping it for Twitter and posting my Mad Men-inspired self here instead. Make your own here. (I think that drink must be a “John Cougar” [Jack and Diet].)


Hump Day Tab-Clearing!

Time to weed out some of these pesky Firefox tabs and share the linky goodness with my loyal readers! To wit… The Trouble With Twitter is another ill-informed anti-twitter pronouncement, this time from a journalism professor. The comment at 6:41 from “lisarosenthal” nails my reaction to the piece exactly. A realty company with a really [...]


WCAX: please stop making Vermonters look bad!

I just left a comment at Blurt that I think it deserves it’s own post. Howard Dean is guest-hosting Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight and tomorrow night and I think this is a good occasion to call WCAX to the mat for making Vermonters look bad. WCAX is Burlington’s CBS affiliate and it’s one of [...]


Get your vampire on

I just finished reading The Strain, the first book in a new horror trilogy by Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro and co-writer Chuck Hogan. This series was made specifically for Emily — it’s an apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic vampire/plague story featuring an epidemiologist as the lead character. It’s basically Emily crack cocaine (she just started it last [...]


PDX notable moments so far

I have a lot of free time today… hours and hours in fact, so I’m going to try and sum up the noteworthy events of the lest several days of my trip in chronological order: Wednesday 7/15: Flew from BTV to PDX. Arrived at 1AM local time. Sat next to ACM sisters and brothers from [...]


Prepping for my long voyage

I’m leaving for Portland, Oregon tomorrow for a week and I’m clearing stuff off my plate and getting things together for the trip. You can stay up to date on all the goings on in PDX here at Candleblog and in my Facebook and Twitter feeds and you can follow all the hot community media [...]


This is gonna be fun…

Here is a list of things I’m going to do next week on my trip to Portland, Oregon… Attend the national Alliance for Community Media conference Visit with new and old friends See The Decemberists and Andrew Bird play an outdoor show See the movie Moon Attend a live theater-in-the-park performance of the classic Star [...]


Bruno apparently no Borat

It’s as I feared… Even a crowd in Arkansas, having been lured to an arena with a chain-link-fenced boxing ring in the center; drunk, raucous, wearing concession T-shirts that read “My Asshole’s Just for Shitting,” don’t respond according to plan. Brüno, now posing as a mullet-wearing redneck named Straight Dave, whips the crowd into a [...]


Decemberists crafts!

This is the perfect blending of things that I love.