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Hump Day Tab-Clearing!

Posted on Jul 29, 2009 by billsimmon in music | 1 Comments

Time to weed out some of these pesky Firefox tabs and share the linky goodness with my loyal readers! To wit…



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  1. Responding to Marvelman story:
    the thing is- Even Alan Moore has admitted recently That WARRIOR magazine publisher Dez Skinn did not have any ownership of the characters in the Marvelman family, nor their stories. He was merely borrowing the characters for revision by Moore. in the following article- Moore confirms Anglo’s ownership of the original characters. I can’t remember where I read this other part to the story- but it was in the last few months- that rights given to Skinn by Anglo(now in his 90′s) were not extended to the rest of the run published by Eclipse. Marvel has only purchased the rights to use the original charactes, not the stories or re-imagining of Marvelman/Miracleman. No matter what the quagmire may or may not be vis a vis Alan Moore and subsequent authors’ Miracle/Mavelman stories, that has nothing to do with whether Mick Anglo the consistent and perpetual owner of the original characters has the right to sell his characters, stories and all assets related to Marvel Comics. Anglo sold the original Marvelman intellectual assets to Marvel Comics- so , really, nothing to be litigious about.

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