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Magic Orange Brick

Back in the early 90s I used to sing funny songs with my friends Spine and Mazur. We called ourselves “Spamnation” and would entertain our friends at parties with a couple of original songs we’d arranged, with me playing the guitar and the three of us singing in three-part harmony. We toyed around with several [...]



by Emily… Do you or someone you know suffer from First Person Shooter Syndrome? Call your doctor today to discuss your treatment options.


Monday tab-clearing

Here are a few links left haunting my Firefox tabs from the weekend… The NYTimes reports that the first rule of web video — keep it short — may not be as important as it once was. A North Carolina high school student has been suspended for wearing religious garb — he dresses like a [...]


Bill, by Kasten

My friend Kasten made me this nifty new Twitter icon…


Freedom in Cyberspace

I spent all day last Monday at the Windjammer conference center in South Burlington with a TV crew recording a conference put on by the ACLU of Vermont called Thought and Expression in a Changing World. It brought together a bunch of lawyers who specialize in civil liberties case law to talk about how our [...]


Happy Canada Day!

By: Emily (via)


Art Lovers

This film was made by the Burlington High School Filmmaking Club that I led this past school year. The writer/director, Graham Raubvogel, is going to be a junior at BHS this year. We premiered the film at last Wednesday’s bike-in movie night at VCAM. You can watch it in the embed below, but I recommend [...]