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Vote for my SXSW panel!

Posted on Aug 17, 2009 by billsimmon in community media, filmmaking, Help!, Life of Bill, social media, sxsw | 0 Comments

I have submitted a panel proposal to SXSW for the 2010 Film & Interactive conferences. The panel I submitted is called “Hyperlocal Focus: Growing a Vibrant Community Media Ecosystem.” Here’s the description:

Filmmakers, videobloggers, podcasters, pirate & low-power radio jocks and public access TV producers are all creating content in your local community, but they often don’t collaborate or even talk to each other, despite using the same tools and sometimes even seeking the same audiences. A 15 year-old videoblogger and a 50 year-old technical director at a local network TV affiliate may have a lot to learn from each other, but in what context would they ever meet? How can you engage local content creators and build a vibrant media community? Panelists will discuss how they helped create (and utilized) healthy, sustainable local media scenes in their communities, using community media centers, creative salons, non-profit media arts foundations, citizen journalism organizations and grass roots organizing principals.

There’s a public voting period for all of the panel submissions (that ends Sept. 4th), the results of which the conference organizers take into account when picking what panels will run in March. You need to create an account in order to vote and leave commnets, but it’s very quick and painless.

Please consider voting for my panel and if you really like it, you might consider encouraging your friends to go vote for it too!

NOTE: This panel is really appropriate for both the SXSW Film AND Interactive Conferences, so on the advice of the conference organizers, I submitted it to both conferences. Meaning you can actually vote TWICE for my panel and not even feel guilty about it!

Click here to vote for my panel in the SXSW Film festival and Conference,


Click here to vote for my panel in the SXSW Interactive Conference.

Thank you. You are sexy.


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