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Sci Fi heresy?

Posted on Aug 22, 2009 by billsimmon in movies, SF | 8 Comments

Am I the only one here who this this might be a good thing?



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  1. I’m with you, Bill… and I loved the reimagined BSG. But I also loved the original series, and wouldn’t mind seeing a new version of that vision. I can still hear it clearly in my mind: “There are those who believe that life HERE began out THERE…”

  2. On August 23, 2009, NickC said:

    You’re not alone. Bryan Singer = quality. Maybe he can help remove some of the bad taste left by the TV series. Glad to see a talented director working on any type of project instead of another steaming pile of McG!

  3. Sure, why not? This kind of thing happens in comics all the time and fans aren’t confused. I think maybe BSG should be rebooted every 5 years whether it needs it or not.

    But Nick… “Bryan Singer = quality”? Are you forgetting Superman Returns and… ugh… Valkyrie?

    Oh, and one more sign Bryan Singer may be succumbing to Hysterical Remake Disorder: he wants to remake EXCALIBUR. And brace yourself… “Singer is rumored to be interested in bringing in more fantasy elements, similar to King Arthur (2004).”


  4. typo: “this this”

  5. On August 23, 2009, billsimmon said:

    uh, read this quote from the 2nd link you provided:

    “Singer’s Excalibur will be a more epic and fantasy version compared to Clive Owen’s King Arthur from 2004.”

    The 2 quotes contradict each other, but the one I quoted makes more sense, since Excalibur had WAY more fantasy elements than King Arthur, which was just a muddy battle movie. Excalibur is an extremely over-rated movie anyway and deserves a decent remake.

  6. On August 23, 2009, NickC said:

    I didn’t see Valkyrie. I believe Singer can make a good movie, though, with a good script and good casting. It’s a lot better to hear he’s doing something than McG, Brett Ratner, or one of the other garbagemen delivering to theaters these days.

  7. Nope, Bill. I don’t see it. Singer hasn’t made a good movie in a while, and even if he did, why would it make sense to do another Battlestar remake so soon after the last one?

  8. After Superman, and with a bit of time to really digest in my mind his films since The Usual Suspects(possible exception Xmen 1, kinda)- my answer is no. I’m pretty disillusioned with Singer these days. Who knows, maybe if he gets Grant Morrison to write the treatment and script, then sure- otherwise color me the skeptic. In fact color me epic fail.

    oh and ahem uh… is my new blog url- cough.

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