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Links that will make your head essplode!!!

Posted on Aug 26, 2009 by billsimmon in linkdump | 5 Comments

That’s right, I’m not above using a little misspelled hyperbole to get you read my linkdump. You’ll thank me when you’re done…

  • Okay Internet, what have you done with the real Gerry Canavan? The real Gerry and I rarely see eye-to-eye when it comes to our reactions to much-anticipated movies, but both his review of District 9 and his review of Inglorious Basterds are the best things I’ve seen written on the ‘net about those respective films yet. Now I want this Gerry Doppelganger to write fresh reviews of Watchmen and H2G2.
  • Seattle Times editor Ryan Blethen thinks all those pesky bloggers need to stop testing the boundaries of free speech or the big bad censorship dragon will wake from its slumber and crush our civil liberties. I’ll have more on this soon, but for now, all you need to take from the editorial is this quote: “There is nothing wrong with pushing the limits of the First Amendment, but….” It doesn’t matter what Mr. Blethen says after the “but,” it’s already clear he doesn’t understand the concept. Free speech: you’re doing it wrong.
  • Once every 27 years the star Epsilon Aurigae dims to about half its brightness for about a year and then brightens again. Astronomers suspect the star has a companion that circles it once every 27 years that causes the effect and since it’s about to dim again, there’s a general call to amateur sky-watchers to help collect data on the event. Cool.
  • As I was typing this, Twitter informed me that Senator Kennedy has passed away. Among its many other notable qualities, Twitter’s ability to quickly disseminate news of the recently deceased cannot be overlooked.
  • Uncle Bill’s Barrel is a terrific short film based on a Berni Wrightson story.
  • The best episode of Star Trek Voyager ever (by the same guy that did Uncle Bill’s Barrel above).
  • Beatles songs sung by muppets.


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  1. Thanks for the plug! Much appreciated!

  2. Thanks for the plug too!

  3. On August 26, 2009, G C said:

    I’m not on the Internet agreeing with you; you’re on the Internet *agreeing with me*.

  4. this one’s a good Next Gen episode too:

  5. Wow, Gerry is one of the better “doin’ it fer fun” critics I’ve come across. Both of those reviews are exceptional, and fairly spot-on.

    Considering Billabd I have wildly divergent opinions on the same films, as do Bill and Gerry (usually), I’ll have to bookmark Gerry’s site!

    A great example of negative persuasion. Thanks, Bill!

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