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If Bill and I were to have a daughter…

…would we be like these parents (by which I mean: totally awesome)? Via: Nerdcore


Krugman & Stross on the future

I just spent an hour and 15 minutes listening to two geniuses discuss science fiction and futurism. Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman sat down to have a conversation with Hugo Award winning author Charles Stross at Worldcon in Montreal last week. This stuff is chicken soup for the nerdy soul. Listen to an mp3 [...]


Get ready for the Perseid meteors!

The Perseids are coming! The Perseids are coming! NASA… For sky watchers in North America, the watch begins after nightfall on August 11th and continues until sunrise on the 12th. Veteran observers suggest the following strategy: Unfold a blanket on a flat patch of ground. (Note: The middle of your street is not a good [...]


Friday link love

I’ve been saving up some juicy Firefox tabs for you. All for you… Scotty and the USS Enterprise apparently really did come back in time and save the whales because some yahoo has announced the invention of “transparent aluminum.” The headline reads “Vegetarianism is immoral.” The article fails to make the case and is guilty [...]


The Daysies just got FABULOUS!

Congratulations to the fine ladies of The House of LeMay for bringing home the 2009 Daysie for Best Vermont Blog (non-political)! At last year’s Daysies party they made it abundantly clear that their much-mascaraed eyes were on the prize in 2009. I bow at their impressively clad feet. Candleblog is proud to be in the [...]