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Hump day tab-clearing

First off, I attended the kick-off party for Philip Baruth’s State Senate campaign last night at Nectar’s. Learn more about Philip here and get involved! Also, this happened yesterday. Mazel tov, NTodd! Now here’s an assortment of stuff to keep you amused, mid-week… Why you smart, energetic twenty-somethings should think twice before starting a non-profit. [...]


An Evening Without…

It’s Banned Books Week and the Vermont ACLU is recognizing the occasion by hosting “a celebration of literature that features noted Vermont writers reading from works of literature that have been subjected to bans, or whose authors were barred from the U.S. because of their political viewpoints.” The event is free and open to the [...]


Weekend link love

First of all, Dollhouse is back TONIGHT! Second of all, Emily has been asked to have her dissected frog included in the PRINT version of Discover Magazine as well as the online version. w00t! Now, the links you crave… Water, water everywhere… even the Moon. Woohoo! Hand sanitizer party in the prison yard tonight! The [...]


History of the Future

Hey bloggyland… I know it’s been a week since the last Candleblog post. Insert my usual complaints about my busy life, etc. here. I’ll have a big juicy likdump for you tomorrow to make up for it, I promise. Emily and I just got home from Selene Colburn’s History of the Future Collection dance performance. [...]


Thursday linkdump

Two Thursday linkdumps in a row??? Are you mad??? Peter Berg’s Dune adaptation attempt looks like it will be all actiony and less brainy. This is a photograph of the space shuttle dumping gallons of human urine into space. Really. This past episode of Mad Men dealt with the very real and horrific experience of [...]


Speaking of well-deserved fame…

I thought my dear, sweet wife Emily (to whom I have been engaged in wedded bliss for exactly three years today) was going to post this to Candleblog herself, but her knitted, dissected frog has made Discover Magazine — the website of the magazine anyway — in a piece they published about knitted science. Check [...]


Suck it, Lou Dobbs!

…and congratulations to Steve Benen for making AtlanticWire’s list of The Atlantic 50 — the 50 “most influential commentators in the nation.” Wow. Nice job, Steve. Here’s how they arrived at the list, on which Steve is listed as #44 — one higher than Lou Dobbs. I think Steve should consider this alone a personal [...]


Some social media links (and thoughts)

I’ve linked to this NYTimes piece on the so-called Facebook exodus before, but I wanted to mention that the anecdotes about why individuals decided to leave Facebook were not an indictment of FB, per se, but of how these users managed their own online time. I’m not saying these folks are wrong to leave FB [...]


Defending the trolls

I had an op-ed piece in the Burlington Free Press today in which I defended the rights of anonymous internet trolls to be, well, trollish. I’m hoping the piece gets hounded by trolls so I can tell them how much they suck while defending their right to suck. Check it out.


Where you can find me this weekend

Tonight I’ll be Art Hopping. If you want to say hi, I’ll mostly be at 208 Flynn Avenue (where VCAM is) but I’m also going to try and head over to New World Tortilla and visit Scott and Undead Molly a bit, who will have some art going on over there. Tomorrow night you can [...]