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Defending the trolls

Posted on Sep 15, 2009 by billsimmon in Digital Culture, Free Speech, privacy, The Surveillance Society, vermont, writing | 1 Comments

I had an op-ed piece in the Burlington Free Press today in which I defended the rights of anonymous internet trolls to be, well, trollish. I’m hoping the piece gets hounded by trolls so I can tell them how much they suck while defending their right to suck. Check it out.



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  1. On September 16, 2009, NickC said:

    Congrats, Bill!! First you hit the intertubes, then the airwaves, and now the infotainments. Good job. We can use more Bill in this country.

    Be careful what you ask for, though. Proof of skankhood is not always pleasant to see. :D

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