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Thursday linkdump

linkity dinkity do… AMC continues to be awesome by making a mini series of The Prisoner. Here’s one of the many way-cool time-lapse videos of the station fire on Mount Wilson. Space shuttle astronauts making a mundane video blog (I found it riveting despite nothing really happening and there not being any sound for much [...]


Blogging… in my mind!

My long birthday weekend is over and I’m back at work. It was a pretty relaxing time, but there were scant opportunities for blogging, despite having no shortage of things to link to and write about. I’ll try and make up for lost blogging in the next day or two. First up, science videos! The [...]


Like teardrops in the rain

O’ the things I’ve seen. We did our annual pilgrimage to the Junction last night for the Champlain Valley deep-fried food festival Fair. Emily posted a few pics to her Flickr stream. I think I have a short editorial-type thing going in the Freeps in the next few days. I’ll post here when it’s up. [...]