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Head above water…

… but barely. Here are some links I need to clear away from FF… First up, my new Spacetime Report is up at The Contrarian. And I’m blogging at the VIFF blog this week. Can sci-fi movies still be cool? First 8 minutes of V are online. The Kings of Convenience play at Spin (I [...]



I knew this was coming. I read the security warnings and everything. I just put off upgrading my WP install and I was hacked. As a security measure, I just deleted any user account I wasn’t 100% sure was owned by a human. If your Candleblog subscriber account was nuked, my apologies, but it’s easy [...]


Monday check-in

Hi there, Internet! First off, I just filed a new Spacetime Report over at The Contrarian. Check it out. Also, I’ll be blogging over at the VIFF blog a bit for the next couple of weeks. The film festival starts Friday and runs for ten days, so I’ll be pretty swamped between my job, teaching [...]


Wait, which one of these guys is the reasonable one?

Watch this video, where former Republican Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist, totally schools talk show host, atheist and Richard Dawkins Award winner, Bill Maher, on the efficacy of flu vaccines. It turns out that despite being a famous non-theist, Maher is a true believer of wacky alternative medicine claims, including the anti-vaccination nonsense that’s been [...]


Thursday linkdump

Links falling like leaves from autumn trees… Emily is on Boing Boing again (for the third time – fourth if you count our wedding post). They should have her on as a guest blogger! Paging the ACLU, G20 protesters arrested for using Twitter. Looks like hanging out at social media sites is a good way [...]


Cosmos remixed


My new TV crush

Nobody tell Emily! Actually, it’s not so much of a crush as a recognition of this woman’s talent and likability. Jenny Slate got on my radar just last week with the season premiere of SNL. She did a hilarious “biker chick” character who hosts a Wayne’s World-esque TV show in her basement with her frickin’ [...]


Dear producers of FlashForward…

Hi. I like good dramatic TV. I like science fiction. I’m a LOST fan. I’m in a very desirable demographic for your advertisers. I have a blog and a radio show. Nice to meet you, I’m your target audience. Here’s the thing: I want to like your show. I saw your extended trailers online and [...]