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My new TV crush

Posted on Oct 2, 2009 by billsimmon in awesome, filmmaking, Free Speech, funny, TV | 0 Comments

Nobody tell Emily!

Actually, it’s not so much of a crush as a recognition of this woman’s talent and likability. Jenny Slate got on my radar just last week with the season premiere of SNL. She did a hilarious “biker chick” character who hosts a Wayne’s World-esque TV show in her basement with her frickin’ best friend and her frickin’ mom’s best friend as guests. She famously let an F-bomb slip during the sketch, (accidentally saying “fuckin’” instead of one of the dozens of “frickins”) but that’s not what got my attention. What I noticed was her 100% commitment to her character and the nuance with which she delivered it. She was totally believable and awesome.

So today I happened to follow a link to a short that Slate stars in. I’m going to show it to my film class on Wednesday. It’s a 20-minute romantic comedy that’s sweet, charming and full of really juvenile humor. Here it is…

[UPDATE: Vimeo is breaking my blog, so I'm linking to the film instead of embedding it. Click here.]

Coincidentally, another short I show my students each semester is this wonderful little piece starring Nasim Pedrad, who was also recently added to SNL’s line-up…

Click here.


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