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Wait, which one of these guys is the reasonable one?

Posted on Oct 14, 2009 by billsimmon in atheism, crazy people, politics, science, skepticism, TV | 2 Comments

Watch this video, where former Republican Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist, totally schools talk show host, atheist and Richard Dawkins Award winner, Bill Maher, on the efficacy of flu vaccines. It turns out that despite being a famous non-theist, Maher is a true believer of wacky alternative medicine claims, including the anti-vaccination nonsense that’s been going around. It further turns out that despite Frist’s other crazy, conservative, Christian beliefs (like denying evolution), his training as a medical doctor has served him well on this issue. (Too bad his medical training failed him so utterly in the Terry Schiavo case.)

Yes, Frist is right and Maher is wrong. I know, I had to watch it twice!

Bad Astonomer, Phil Plait discusses the video here, and there’s more about Maher and his crazy beliefs here.



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  1. On October 14, 2009, Lev said:

    Interesting. I actually think the anti-vaccination stuff is worse than creationism. It’s true that denying evolution means that you’re about 150 years behind the times, scientifically speaking, but the extent to which that choice can have negative impact for an average person seems limited to me. (Collectively, of course, it’s a problem.) But the anti-vaccination business can cause people to withhold essential medical treatment from their kids, who could possibly catch stuff like the measles.

    Actually, the anti-vaccine people are beneath contempt for me, way worse than the creationists, in my opinion. At least the creationists are honest about rejecting science. But the anti-vaccine people seem to want to be thought to be scientific, only their version of genetics seems to have been derived from X-Men. You can’t catch a genetic disorder from a shot. It doesn’t activate the mutant X gene. Thanks for playing.

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