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Underrated guitar players

CaseyContrarian is compiling some year-end lists about music for his blog from some of the blog’s contributors, of which I’m one. Along with some best-of lists, Casey asked us to consider who our favorite underrated guitar players are. Here’s what I wrote to him in an email. Your thoughts, Candleblog readers? Underrated guitarists: Bruce Cockburn [...]


Refuting Global Warming Deniers at Thanksgiving

[UPDATED below] Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow and families will be coming together for dinner all over the USA to share the big meal. Football will be watched. Pie will be consumed. And inevitably, in some homes, politics will be discussed. Family members love each other, but they don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye on political issues. Political [...]


The Briny Deep

I’d forgotten that I’d signed up for the mailing list for this awesome salt and chocolate shop in Portland, Oregon that Spine took me to this past summer — The Meadow. Well they just sent me an email with a link to lots of good turkey-brining info and advice… A brine is a salt solution [...]


Prepping For the Big Eats

We take Thanksgiving fairly seriously at the Stoneking/Simmon household. We take it so seriously in fact, that when I just tweeted about how I’d gotten a 13 lb. pre-turkey for making stock that I’m going to brine and roast on Saturday, I got a direct message from a friend who said, “You really don’t mess [...]


Boldly Going Plasma!

Last night I finally hooked up the 50″ Panasonic G10 plasma display and got to see some results. We watched the Star Trek Blu-ray (released yesterday) and it looked pretty sweet. The TiVo and the Mac look great too, and the SD shows don’t even look too bad. Emily is a bit freaked out by [...]


A/V Upgrade: What’s Wrong With Comcast

Okay. Here’s a sketch of what’s occurred in the last 36 hours. If you want to skip the nitty gritty, just jump down to the “conclusions” portion at the bottom. A Comcast technician came to my house yesterday morning to install the a multi-stream CableCARD. He spent a good 30 minutes on the phone with [...]


I cannot be the only one who’s thought of this

So Sarah Palin wants a talk show. The coincidental timing of Lou Dobbs’ departure from CNN cannot be ignored (Dobbs no doubt driven into retirement by the knowledge that Atlantic Magazine thinks Steve Benen is more influential than he is). So it’s not too much of a stretch to suggest that maybe Palin could fill [...]


A/V Upgrade: A Big Day

Today was pretty major in the A/V upgrade plan. The Panasonic G10 arrived — a day and a few hours late, but it was unharmed and ready to rock. The TiVo HD XL came last night and I set it up and got it going today — the appointment to get the CableCARD(s) installed is [...]


Dear Comcast (UPDATED)

Hi, I’m in Burlington, Vermont. I just scheduled a CableCARD install appointment at my house for my TiVo HD XL on Wednesday afternoon, the 18th. I have a few questions I’m concerned about and Detreon Roberts left a comment on my blog suggesting I write in with questions or concerns. First, I’ve been told by [...]


Eleven Eleven Tab Clearing

Make a wish! I’ll have more A/V upgrade tales tomorrow (when the new set arrives) but here are some links to get you over hump day… I so totally want to see Dead Set — a British series about the Big Brother TV show… with ZOMBIES. Eric Wareheim is a national treasure. (Spine points out [...]