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Dear Comcast (UPDATED)

Posted on Nov 12, 2009 by billsimmon in Comcast sucks, TV | 1 Comments

Hi, I’m in Burlington, Vermont. I just scheduled a CableCARD install appointment at my house for my TiVo HD XL on Wednesday afternoon, the 18th. I have a few questions I’m concerned about and Detreon Roberts left a comment on my blog suggesting I write in with questions or concerns.

First, I’ve been told by other Comcast customers in Burlington, that they were able to get a single multi-tuner CableCARD (and M-card) installed in their HD TiVos, yet the CSR I was just talking to insisted that I had to get two separate single-tuner cards installed in order to get the second tuner working. Since the second single tuner card is an additional expense, I am hoping to get one multi-tuner card instead. Please advise.

I was also told by the CSR that there is a $27 installation fee for the CableCARD installation. This strikes me as odd since it’s Comcast insisting that a service call is required for the installation, when I know that I am perfectly capable of installing the card myself, as long as I have the right contact info for pairing the card with my Comcast account over the phone. Why is this charge necessary?

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated in these matters.

Bill Simmon

ADDENDUM: Ironically, when I hit “send” on the email quoted above, my Comcast Internet service went out (it’s like they KNOW). While on the phone scheduling an appointment for a Comcast tech to come and look at my intermittent Internet issue (an appointment the CSR was able to make for the day after tomorrow, thank you, not a week hence like the “earliest” CableCARD appointment I could get), the CSR noticed that the install appointment I’d made just ten minutes earlier had no date — it just listed a bunch of nines in a row, which he indicated was a sign that the appointment had been mis-scheduled and he suggested I should call back and check on that. Twenty minutes of god-awful hold muzak later and I’m giving up for a while.

Just so you know, Comcast, we’re not off to a good start here.

Thursday morning UPDATE: A Comcast rep. called my cell this morning and was able to move my CableCARD installation appointment up to tomorrow morning, which is good. Thank you for that, Comcast. Also, I received a reply from Kim at the Comcast corporate office, who told me she will credit my account for any installation fee, and she’s looking into the M-card question. We’ll see how the install goes tomorrow. Stay tuned…



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  1. I’m following this closely, Bill… my HD Tivo is on the way, and I’ll be contacting Comcast as soon as it arrives to figure out the whole CableCARD thing. You’re my own personal canary in the Comcast coalmine ;)

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