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A/V upgrade update: Delivery and CableCARDS

I’m expecting the the new plasma screen sometime tomorrow and the TiVo HD XL a day later. I’ll try and keep updating the blog with progress reports. The saga will involve dealings with Comcast, which always carries with it the chance of extraordinary frustration, but I’ll keep an open mind and if my dealings with [...]


Friday Afternoon Tab Clearing

None of these things would really generate a good post on their own (well, maybe they would if I wasn’t so lazy…), so here’s a little link dump to start your weekend off right: Joss Whedon wants the Terminator franchise This is a brilliant idea for a Halloween costume If someone doesn’t make these for [...]


TV upgrade: woes and “whoas”

Warning: what follows are ruminations on my home A/V set-up. This post will really only interest the A/V gearheads among you. We here in the Stoneking/Simmon household have had an HDTV for a little over three years, when my brother got us a 32″ Samsung 720p (16:9) CRT (cathode ray tube) as a wedding present, [...]


No birds, no bees, no flowers, no trees…

…November. The film festival was a success and now it’s over! With a little luck things will quiet down this month and I can get some things accomplished, like posting on Candleblog again! Here are some links to start things off… links to what it calls the 8 most bizarre and ridiculous public access [...]