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Reflections on Reflections on the “Naughts”

One of the things that amuses me about all of the end-of-the-decade reflections and lists going on around the web is that after ten years of living in this decade, we as a culture have utterly failed at agreeing on what to call it. I’ve seen aughts, oughts, oughties, naughts, naughties, 2000s, ’00s, double-0s, zips, [...]


OMG I saw Up in the Air and… meh.

Like Juno, Sideways and Little Miss Sunshine before it, Up in the Air is a fine, somewhat tepid little Hollywood film with an indy flare that will get the Academy’s panties all up in a bunch at Oscar time, and movie pundits will wonder aloud why more films can’t be made with “heart.” And people [...]


10 Best SF Films of the Decade

Man, people on the interwebz are crazy about their top ten lists, especially when years, decades and centuries end. I’d just like to remind everyone reading that decades (that is, periods of ten years) are ending all the time. For example, the decade that began at 2:50 P.M. on December 21, 1999 just ended a [...]


Avatar in Black and White

What follows are my next-day thoughts on Avatar. Minor spoilers abound. Somewhere near the middle of James Cameron’s three-hour long sci-fi spectacle, Avatar, I had to pee. The “medium” Diet Pepsi I’d been nursing was making its presence known in my bladder and the matter was just becoming too urgent to ignore. So I waited [...]


End of the semester blues

I’ve got several blog posts brewing — linkdumps and rants about non-violence and the efficacy of war and facebook privacy nonsense — but with the semester ending and the holidays in full swing, they all have to wait a bit. Stay with me though, things will pick up around here before too long. Two quick [...]


Merry Christmas, Patton Oswalt

Dear S giveth this holiday season. I really think the networks should show this instead of the Charlie Brown Christmas special. NSFW, snarf-warning.


The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

Shut your fucking talk hole! Via Dear S.


Thursday linkdump

Linkety kerplinety plunk… Washington Monthly says the UK’s 4.3 million CCTV surveillance cameras are proving Orwell wrong about life in the surveillance society. A 10″ Mac notebook for $300? Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. This hand-cranked, penny-dispensing sculpture lets anyone work for minimum wage. Golly, Associated Press, I don’t know. Is Obama too [...]


Where There’s Smoke…

Back in the early 1990s I was a budding filmmaker and one night I had a conversation with my friend (and fellow budding filmmaker) Alex Woolfson on the phone about a scene that was playing out in my head (these conversations were common and continue to this day). The scene was of a man coming [...]


Just in time for Christmas

Cue the mad knitting. And for that very special someone in your life, Robot Kasten is offering the best t-shirt of the holiday season.