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Right. Linkdump time.

Posted on Jan 6, 2010 by billsimmon in linkdump | 4 Comments

Clearing out some tabs for the new year…



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  1. I think you’d like The Big Bang Theory. Netflix it?

  2. On January 7, 2010, billsimmon said:

    Really? Because it looks like really dumb and hackneyed stereotypes of nerds. And the laugh track would probably kill me.

  3. On January 8, 2010, Greg Giordano said:

    Thanks for dumping me, Bill! today’s heroes: KID TYRANT and “?”!

  4. Big Bang Theory does have a lot of stereotypes of nerds, but strangely enough, I still find it funny. And there are a lot of amusing cameos by nerd faves like BSG actors and Wil Wheaton. If you do try it, go for one of the third season eps. It’s definitely improving as it goes along.

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